Book Title: “What Goes Up…”

Author: John C Stover
Publisher: Publish Green, a division of Hillcrest Media Group
Format: eBook
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Out of the Box, a book written by John C Stover

What Goes Up…must come down. That is exactly what happens to Alan’s career and to Gossamer Wings – the extraordinary ship created by Alan and his friends.

Albert Einstein is well known for his theory of relativity; however, what is not well known is that a lot of very smart people think he made a mistake. An error in thinking that, among other things, may be responsible for our inability to explain the gravity force – something we interact with every day of our lives. Such a mistake could easily be responsible for this huge gap in our understanding of basic physics.

This book is an account of several people who, through some fortunate circumstances, discover a way to distort gravity. They use this knowledge to first build a toy and then a small ship that essentially “falls” in the direction they wish to travel. They have adventures around the world – and beyond. Then as they prepare to go public with their discovery some real trouble starts – because if it is that easy to do, then it is a “leveling technology.” Powerful governments and companies (oil, aircraft, etc.) would suddenly find the world a very different place in which to compete, lead and dominate. The reaction is immediate and two of the five find themselves in a fight for their lives.

The story is brought to us anomalously by “Alan” who, choosing to remain in hiding, asks Stover to “author” the account of their discovery, their marvelous adventures and Alan’s final escape to freedom. The story takes us from lab room to boardroom, around the globe and even into space. Whether you are fascinated by the science or not, you will find their adventures in Gossamer Wings, the all too realistic struggles with small company politics and the final conflict with a government crackdown to be both exciting and thought provoking.

A serious question is whether a mistake by Einstein has caused a problem in physics. Stover comments between chapters to verify what he can about the science, the events and the people referenced in the book, but the real question remains – is it just a clever novel or a key to some new physics? Read it and decide for yourself. Then take the next logical step and get a physicist to read it!

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