Particle Depositions

TSW produces large PSL depositions over a PSL diameter range of about 0.1 to 50 mm.  All of them are full wafer depositions. Particle count is approximated by estimating the average distance between particles under special lighting conditions.  TSW employs a proprietary technique to reduce background contamination on PSL’s 1 mm and larger. We believe this makes them the lowest background deposition wafers available at larger PSL diameters.  We can put more than one size PSL on a wafer if needed. Prices are very competitive. Delivery times are normally less than two weeks. We use NIST Traceable PSL spheres from Duke Standards.

Prices (Effective November 1, 2019)

Depositions are available on our silicon wafers or yours. If you send us your wafers they will be returned in your cassette. If we are buying the silicon you need to specify a cassette. We may not have your wafer size in stock.  Inquire for pricing on non-silicon substrates.

Wafer Diameter Price on Your Wafer Price on TSW Wafer
300 mm First Wafer $1800 First Wafer $1935
More/Same PSL $1500 ea. More/Same PSL $1735 ea.
200 mm and smaller First Wafer $1500 First Wafer $1735
More/Same PSL $1400 ea. More/Same PSL $1535 ea.

A 10% discount will be applied to all wafers above a count of ten in a single purchase. Shipping is charged to the purchaser. Terms are Net 30 Days.

Initiate orders by calling John Stover in Tucson at (520) 275-2644.  Repeat customers may email purchase orders.