The Microscan II Scatterometer


The handheld MicroScan II is a portable scatterometer that offers a fast, non-destructive way to monitor surface roughness and optical characteristics. 

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The MicroScan (μScan™) Scatterometer is a rugged hand held scatterometer providing a fast, non-destructive way to monitor surface roughness and optical characteristics. It can be used on mirrors, various reflectors and precision machined surfaces. It finds use in lab, field and manufacturing environments. A common use is in-place monitoring of large difficult to move surfaces (such as telescope mirrors). Another is surface finish quality control inspection of large manufactured sheet products (rolled metal, coated glass, etc) on the manufacturing floor. Results appear on an LCD screen and are saved for transmission can be transmitted.

System Description

The μScan System consists of a hand held Control Unit (CU), an interchangeable measurement head, and a separate charging unit. The CU controls all aspects of the system operation.
Operators place the measurement head on the surface to be measured and presses a button, each measurement takes less than five seconds. From a single measurement, a user can determine RMS surface roughness, Reflectance and scattered light level (BRDF) on flat or curved surfaces under any lighting conditions. The results are digitally displayed and stored in system memory. Software is available for control, analysis and file conversion.

The μScan® Scatterometer Additional Information:


  • (Ra, RMS,) From 1Å up to 1100Å (.004 to 4.3 μin.)
  • (Reflectance) From 0.1 up to 100.0%
  • (BRDF) From 1e-6 to 1e0 (sr-1)

Spatial Bandwidth:

  • Upper 10 to 999 μm (selectable)
  • Lower 1.0 μm