About The Scatter Works

In 1995, The Scatter Works, was incorporated in Bozeman, Montana.  Originally, it was used as a measurement and consulting operation. It was run by John Stover, after TMA Technologies was purchased by Schmitt Industries.

In 2016, John bought back the TMA equipment and the right to sell the related scatterometer products. Then in 2017 Chris Staats, formerly of Schmitt, joined John as a 50% owner of TSW and they operated labs in both Gresham, OR and Tucson, AZ. They expanded into a larger refurbished space in Gresham the summer of 2019 and now offer a scatter measurement service with over twenty wavelengths as well as a manufacturing facility for producing CASI, TASC, MicroScan and ScatterScope4 instruments.

We look forward to the future of TSW, and new products are on the way!